As long as there is love, there will be hate. And some will take advantage of that hatred. This monster known as hate will never die so long as mankind does not wish to understand one another. This is a sound truth in the world we live in. But perhaps one day it will change. We’ll be able to see past ancient squabbles and insignificant differences. Maybe once we all understand the true meaning of pain…the true meaning of empathy…we’ll all be a little closer to reaching peace of mind, heart and body…maybe…

What is right in this world and what is wrong are things I myself do not truly know. But protecting someone…no matter what…it has to be the right thing. If I killed someone who was trying to kill my friend than I’d believe it to be a good thing… I mean..who could blame me for that? When your hurt, you learn to hate. On the other hand, when you hurt someone, you are resented. And eventually you begin to feel guilty. However, understanding such pain enables you to be kind to others. Knowing pain helps us to grow up, to mature. And to grow up means being able to think and make ones decisions on their own. To know and reflect on pain, and come up with your own answer. I’ll probably leave this world asking myself the same question in the end lol. I wonder if i’ll ever find the answer
A mans life is not measured by how he lived but rather what he managed to accomplish before his death. Looking back, so far my life has been nothing but failures…Continually rejected, unable keep my closest friend, the inability to protect loved ones…Compared to the greatness of most men, my actions are trifling insignificant things indeed. But a tale is only as good as its final turn of events, the plot twist. Failures must be seen as mere amusement!! They are trials, which hone your skills, I will live believing that…and in return, i sware I will accomplish a deed so great it will obliterate all of my failures. That is my only desire.