Did you know the world around us is unstable? There are countless paths before you, leading to a different world when we make a different choice. But…what is a world? Every physical being in the universe…they’re all made up of tiny pieces. That holds true for even your own body. Cells, molecules, atoms, electrons…these are what make up physical beings. They make up the space outside of you…Even the things you can’t see…in other words, there’s nothing separating you from anything else. I could go so far as to say that a pebble and I are one. Ridiculous? Just think of the pebble as a small piece in the bigger picture. If I took a whole bunch of pebbles and lined them up to make it so you would see the letter “E”, it wouldn’t just be an “E”. To me, from the other side it would be the number “3”. or the letter “M” or “W” even. Curious things these pebbles are. They haven’t changed, yet one can see them as countless things. In this way, there exist many worlds. We, as humans, have created “parallel universes” to describe this. A term that we also feel is boyond our comprehension. We think of them as neighbors we don’t understand…or as places far beyond our reach. But the fact is they’ve always been right there.