The theory of fundamental evil? When I was a high school student, I learned the theory of fundamental good. It was a conept developed by a Chinese philosopher named Mencius. He proclaimed that humans are born fundamentally good. But if the theory of fundamental good is an ideal, then the theory of fundamental evil is simple realism. Desire lies at the core of human nature. And humans are ruled by these desires. That was a less tactful theory…said by a man who claimed people are born evil instead. Thus if a person does good, that is not their true self, but a lie. That was the theory. It would end up being a lie, a fake, and due only to hyporisy. And thus, by definition deliberate. All good is thereby hypocrisy, and therefore, it constitutes a deliberate attempt to be good. This is but a game that I often talk to myself about. Pondering for what feels like an eternity.