When you realize that you were nothing. You’re existence was non-existent. You’re worth was equivalent to nothing and your time was wasted, you can’t help but feel sad. You wasted my time and my money but more importantly my love and affection were also misspent on you. My words filled with love and care fell upon deaf ears and I ended up wallowing in my own depression due to you. I can’t get the months back and what ever happens now will result in my own happiness. But it still doesn’t mean I wish you weren’t a part of it. It’s probably due to lingering feelings but i’ll get over it soon enough. I wasn’t worth your time so you aren’t worth me caring about anymore. Isn’t it odd though how I still wish you cared? The humans mind is annoying and our heart is fickle. This world has no conclusion on more question. But that’s another topic for another time and another realization.