Hip-Hop rappers for the last decade have been…disappointing…to say the least. Their insults, their choice in lyrics and their choice in how they want the world to view them. Their beats may me good along with their flow. But there’s no deep meaning. It’s all blatantly obvious what they’re complaining about. I’d lost faith in that genre.

And then I hear this song “Thrift Shop”. It had a good beat, good flow, the lyrics were comical and it sparked my curiosity. So I look up the lyrics and meaning. A song about an immigrant coming over to a new country, trying to make his way up in the world with only 20$ in his pocket and trying to find something cheap but good to wear? Couldn’t help but laugh till I realized it was serious.

Now I’m hooked on this artist. His lyrics about how the same gender is still the same love. How his friends, who left a little to soon, are on the otherside waiting for him…patiently. How he scolds other artists for not being more responsible with the power of their own words. 

He’s truly a singer we need in this soon to be lost generation. Hopefully his words will help them find themselves. And in the end, I believe he’s a great to addition to the musical industry. 

He is Mackelmore. He is hope.