I want to be the man who saves a life. Change lives and then change the whole world!! To make promises to people who hold up their end of the bargain and try to be better than me. I want to help others reach their objectives even if I can’t make it easier. And when my “friends challenge me and then leave me, I’ll know how to forgive them and welcome them back as a friend..and I’ll win their respect. I will appear when they need me the most but still ask for nothing in return.

A lot of people think I’m a monster..but I think I’m just a bit abnormal. Still, there’s someone who will accept me, right? And for that reason I have to be stronger. Like I said…I’m not normal. I’m the man who’ll change everything!! 

My dream may be stupid but if there is a chance…that I can reach it…than I’ll accept the challenge or die trying. Because truthfully, I don’t want to live. But I’ll still risk life and limb to save others. I’ll fight their enemies and take on the world. Everything to protect the ones I call “friend”. And I’ll show them something they’ve never had before…A home. For they are my friends and that reason is enough to risk my life.

“Who are you?”, “Who is it?”, “Who’s getting in my way?”, “Who’s here?”…Questions I can easily answer. Your challenge. Your competition. Your push. Your pull. Your weight and your lift. 

I am your friend and more,
                 Nicholas Schulte