I’m not the only one who notices it, right? How appreciation in a relationship declines as time progresses. In the beginning all the little things you do are acknowledged fully and you’re smothered in their affection for it. But as time goes on the things you do blend in to the background of the “regular” of the relationship.  It might not be because they don’t actually hold gratitude for the one they care for though. It may be just because after a while, all the struggle you go through, all the effort you put in for them, all the work you do…it becomes something of the regular. Which sucks in a way because it’s hard to balance it out and make the incredible things you wanna do for them rare and special.

You want to be there for them…take care of them and show them how much you truly care for them. Always show that YOU appreciate them just…for being yours. But it gets harder the more it seems like your efforts are made meaningless. When it seems like you’re the one constantly doing all that you can just to put a smile on their face.

So you become confused and conflicted when someone else on the sidelines recognizes your efforts and compliments you to let you know how lucky that person must be to have you. And you wonder.. “Would they actually appreciate all the things I do?” But that’s wrong. It’s not that you’re not appreciated now. It’s just that your efforts have become common and hard to differentiate between a special moment and you just expressing your feelings.

The best thing to do would be to slow down. Relax. Maybe even stop doing all the special things for a little while and just see if they notice. Will they? Would they care? Will they finally notice? Or will they wait till the end and yell at you? Claiming “you don’t love them anymore” What do you say then? It’s not like you can say “You don’t appreciate me or the things I do any more.” without losing your man-card. 

So there’s gotta be a way…to tell them…that you miss the acknowledgment. That adoration. The gratitude.